We believe in serving delicious, fresh, homemade food made
with all natural & wholegrain, seasonal ingredients.

Full English Breakfast and Coffee
Brunch Date
Salmon, perfect poached eggs on greens
Take-away superfood smoothie and veggie juice
Delicious healthy vegan gluten free pancakes
clean plate
Two people having brunch
Superfood Salad
Healthy lunch option
Healthy homemade cakes and Tea

Brunching daily
8am - 5pm

* Kitchen close at 4pm daily

4 St Peter's Street
Canterbury, Kent

exclusive kitchen

We love to use natural and whole grain
ingredients for maximum flavour and a
whole lot of goodness.


Our deliciously healthy kitchen is free from refined sugars, refined flour and processed foods.


Our fresh free-range meat & eggs comefrom local farms who rear their animals traditionally so that their animals live a happy healthy life.

something light?

We also bake cakes, brew coffee, blitz superfoods and juice veggies

not only is a Kitch cake made with love in house but we only use natural ingredients and alternatives. Letting the good stuff do the talking.


We make sure there is always something vegan, something gluten free, dairy free or, what we call an 'everything cake' for those who just don't give a damn.

Follow our #eatrealfood movement

at Kitch photos are encouraged.
We love to see our customers enjoying the food we love to make

make hummus not war

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